Saturday, September 6, 2014

Innovative idea

My innovative idea is a skiers/snowboarder app. Currently there are no apps that skiers can easily access competition point, pro updates, resort promotions, weather updates, count down to first day ext. In this app I would hope to incorporate a current online forum called Newschoolers, this would involve contacting the head of the website and creating some sort of business deal. Mountains and resorts also have no way to directly promote their information to their buyers. With this app would allow push notifications to be sent to someone’s phone about season pass deals, day pass deals, competitions and special events.  Another feature to this app I would like to have is AFP, USSA and USASA rankings. When you are a competitive skier or snowboarder logging into each of theses websites is a pain, having one account with all of these and your ranking readily available would we amazing. To start this app off I would need to contact at least 5 mountains who would be willing to invest in the app, along with getting all of the organizations and websites onboard with the ap. This innovative specifically targets skiers and snowboarders (many SNC students).  

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