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  2. Daniel Goldstein
    Annotated Bibliography
    Professor Kenny

    FLOREA, CIPRIAN. "Volvo Announces Car-Enveloping Airbag Technology." Autoevolution. Softnews Net. Web. 24 Sept. 2014. .
    A quick article on the future of car airbags and what Volvo is doing to make cars safer for everyone.

    "Flotation in Boat Hulls." Flotation in Boat Hulls. Glen-L Marine Desings. Web. 24 Sept. 2014. .
    The article explained how to figure out weight issues with floatation in boat hulls. I need to figure out a way to take the space available on a boat and make it fit airbags capable of stopping sinking without sinking it from weight of the bags to begin with. This game me a great formula to works out the details.

    "How Airbags Work." 1 Aug. 2010. Web. 24 Sept. 2014. .
    ABS Airbag for skiing and snowboarding information. Saftey facts for collateral plus airbag info for presentation.

    "Know The Facts." Helmets on Heads. Helmets on Heads. Web. 6 Oct. 2014. .
    Bike helmet facts for my collateral.

    The pathfinder mission. (2003). In Atlas of the universe. Retrieved from
    This was a really helpful article in understanding how they use the change in g force to activate the airbags that help space shuttles land. When the time was right the airbags fully encased the shuttle letting it land as safely as possible.


    Stephen Padilla- (916)521-3135 – Burton CA Sales Manager, Costa Mesa, CA.
    I discussed pricing options and functionality of product. He informed me that I would need to figure a way to upgrade what is already done and keep it cheap so everyone can get one. Current ABS system are around $1000.

    Kristina Prestipino – (239) 222-1566 – CEO ICYS Yacht Brokerage, Fort Meyers, FL
    I called Kristina to discuss whether or not she has heard of someone using an airbag system to stop vessels from sinking. She said this would be a great idea but I would have to figure out how to keep the system lightweight and small enough to not take up storage.

    Tahoe City Coast Guard - (530) 583-4433, Tahoe City, CA
    Was going to ask if it could help them or others but received no reply.

    Anna and Steve Buse – (719) 351-8240, Truckee, CA
    Anna is Truckee’s local court clerk and her dad Steve is a retired sailor. Both are avid boating enthusiasts. They spend about half of each summer on a boat and think this idea could really help save lives and make the world safer.

    Noah Greenspan- (650)740-3300, Carson City, NV
    Noah is a motocross rider that when brought the idea of airbag jackets and possible bike bags almost wanted to steal the idea. He thought it could totally help and be a good seller but the price again would have to be affordable.

  3. Team Awesome
    Core 101
    People to Contact

    Francis –St Marys
    Already contacted for issues and revenue numbers.

    Peggy Whitten – Business Manager
    Find out about incorporating into school district.

    Kendra Wong
    She picked this place and probably knows the most about what it needs and being a business dept. head she should have some good ideas for revenue.

  4. Kindly do both of these